Thursday, February 28, 2013

WCS Trobleshooting Tips - WC Publishing failed.

WCS Trobleshooting Tips - WC Publishing failed.

The publish encountered some problems and the application may not have been installed or it may have been successfully installed but was unable to start. View the Details to display the exceptions and server logs that occurred during the publish.  

  • Remove WC projects from server using add/remove projects. 
  • Stop server and close RAD
  • Delete all files from following locations ( Please have a back up of these files before deleting)
​- WCDE_installdir/wasprofile/config/cells/localhost/cus
- WCDE_installdir/wasprofile/config/cells/localhost/blas
- WCDE_installdir/wasprofile/wstemp
- WCDE_installdir/wasprofile/temp
- WCDE_installdir/wasprofile/config/temp​

  • ​Open RAD and start server, then add WC.
  •  If adminstrative console is not coming up you may have to reinstall it. Try opening adminstrative console from server > Adminstration > Run Administrative Console.

  • Steps for installing server admin console​ ( server should be running)

  1. Open cmd prompt as adminstrator
  2. Navigate to C:\WCDE_ENT70\wasprofile\bin>
  3. For uninstalling​ wasadmin issue following command   C:\WCDE_ENT70\wasprofile\bin>​ wsadmin.bat -f remove     
  4. For installing wasadmin issue following command C:\WCDE_ENT70\wasprofile\bin>​ wsadmin.bat -f install
  5. Successfully installed screen

        After this step do a complete clean and build , remove wc , stop server, start server , add wc project.

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